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2014 has ended and now we must look back. Listen to my Best of 2014 right here!

It's a Halloween Summer guys.

Neil Jarvis has returned but not without bringing a ton of new music. Click here to read my review of the new album!

New news from Modest Mouse!

The band has announced a new album! Check out all the details here!


Low Voltage Rangers have a new album! But is it any good? The answer is...


I talk with JTF about his band and his amazing debut single, Fuchsia.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

LISTEN // Old Flame Records 2013 Sampler

There is a new Fall sampler out from Old Flame Records. It features songs from a lot of great talent including MillionYoung, Ing, Yuno, Gross Relations, and more. Currently they are selling it on their bandcamp for "Name your price" which is awesome! So all you poor college students have no excuse to not have this gem! Click the above image to listen to or download it. (and if you do listen to it, make sure it starts at number one. Unless you're a rebel like that...)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

LISTEN // Colours: A Compilation by On the Grind.

This past September On the Grind records released their first compilation, Colours. It features a plethora of great talent from around Manchester and Sheffield England. Some of these artists include Ratfangs, glocks, Cactus Knife, Neil Jarvis, and others. A full band list can be viewed below along with a couple previews of the compilation!

Buy Colours on On the Grind's website!

Bands featured in Colours: A Compilation by On the Grind
The Bell Peppers
Neil Jarvis
Cactus Knife
Death Masks

Monday, October 14, 2013

LISTEN // Stream Best Coast's new EP Fade Away on KCRW!

Well the official release of Best Coast's newest EP Fade Away may not be for another week but that doesn't mean you have to wait to hear it. Below you can listen to the full EP courtesy of Best Coast and KCRW!

Make sure to buy a copy of this great indie pop release when it comes out this October 22nd!