Wednesday, July 9, 2014

MIXTAPES // Up from the Underground presented by Ultimate Underground

I would like to introduce you to the Ultimate Underground. No, this is not an amazing new band that you have to check out. It is something equally as cool though... and it does have to do with "amazing new bands you have to check out". The Ultimate Underground is a project from one of my college friends who's actually just graduated this past spring, (congratulations dude!) and brings together the best in, you guessed it, underground music for us to discover and become unnaturally obsessed with!

Ultimate Underground's birth comes from the inevitable end of my friend Jake King's college radio station, Ultimate Kickback, when he graduated. I could paraphrase more things that Jake has told me but he could say it better so here is a statement from the Ultimate Underground's Facebook:
"Ultimate Underground is a website and fully functional internet radio station that highlights new independent, D.I.Y., and underground music. Many of the bands featured on here are working class individuals who are just trying to break into the seemingly impenetrable wall known as the "mainstream." Ultimate Underground is designed so bands have a voice off stage and into the press. 
On this website, you'll see news, reviews, upcoming releases, exclusive premieres, concert information, and more on the bands that you may have never heard of, but you wish you had. The radio feed will stream 24/7 via Radionomy and will compensate the bands for what's being played through SoundExchange in the US, and other services around the world."
Jake's been hard at work too and recently has released the site's first compilation, Up from the Underground: Volume 1. This 18-track compilation features over an hour of great rock and grunge bands from all over the world. The entire compilation is great, but some favorites of mine are "Leech" by Northbound, "I am" by CRUMN, and "In Vain" by JACT, among others. Listen to it below and check out the Ultimate Underground here!


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