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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NEWS // Active Child releases new single.

Posts have been pretty infrequent these days and I'm sorry about that dudes and dudettes. It's that bi-annual time of the year again when I am completely swamped with work and tests. I'll still do my best to keep you all update on news around the indie music world though. Reviews will be a rare sight however, at least until May when school lets out.

Anyway, Active Child released a new song yesterday on his SoundCloud entitled Evening Ceremony. I personally love Active Child but he's one of those bands that I have to be in the mood for to really enjoy. At first listen this track felt a little slow, but I'm actually really enjoying it now. It picks up a lot the further you get into it. I especially like all the layering. Check it out below!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

NEWS // Generationals announce the release date of their newest thing.

Good news for all you Generationals fans out there. They've recently announced the release date for their newest LP. Heza will be out April 2nd on polyvinyl records.

Download a free song off the upcoming album from their twitter here:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

NEWS // Listen to Wavves' new album Afraid of Heights now on NPR.

Notice anything different about the website? Yeah, me neither, looks pretty much the same. There definitely wasn't a complete overhaul of ALL the things over the weekend. I am really happy with the way it's turning out right now. I still have some things to do to make it perfect but it's pretty stellar for now.

Do you know what's also stellar? You can listen right now to Wavves' new album Afraid of Heights in full below thanks to NPR! I'm about a third through it as I type this and so far it's sound pretty damn awesome. A full review will come soon but for now listen to the entire album for free below.

As a sort of post-script: I have that exact same varsity jacket.....just saying...

Thursday, March 14, 2013

NEWS // Hear four new Yeah Yeah Yeahs songs from SXSW.

Happy Thursday readers! If you're there, are you enjoying SXSW? One of these years when I have the time of these years. Anyway, yesterday New York indie rock group Yeah Yeah Yeahs performed a few new songs at SXSW from their upcoming album Mosquito (due out April 16). These songs performed include the title track, "Under the Earth", "Subway", and the new single "Sacrilege" along with other older songs. Watch their performance below but be warned, the audio in this video isn't amazing.  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NEWS // Animal Collective reschedules shows due to sickness.

Due to recent sickness Animal Collective will be rescheduling a few upcoming shows, they announced yesterday. Their full post about this can be read below as well as the rescheduled dates.

From the band's Facebook:
"Due to a band illness, Animal Collective regretfully has rescheduled five dates of their North American tour. The dates have been rescheduled for mid-July. All tickets will be honored for rescheduled dates or can be refunded at place of purchase. All other dates will continue as planned."

3/9: Toronto, ON @ The Danforth Music Hall rescheduled for 7/9
3/11: Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues rescheduled for 7/16
3/12: Covington, KY @ The Madison Theater rescheduled for 7/18
3/13: Nashville, TN @ Marathon Music Works rescheduled for 7/19
3/15: Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Hall rescheduled for 7/15

Friday, March 8, 2013

NEWS // Small Black releases new single.

I gotta say... I'm not that impressed. It just sounds really lack-luster and unexciting which is not like Small Black. I've been a big fan of theirs since their self titled EP a few years back but, I'm just not thrilled at all by this single and really hope the album wont sound like this.

Now this is partly due to me just not wanting Small Black to stop making chillwave, but not entirely. Even if you ignore what they normally sound like and just listen to this with "fresh ears" it still isn't able to deliver like it should. Although the music might be well done, the vocals sound lifeless and apathetic. I'm not completely giving up hope on this album but we'll see. Maybe they'll surprise me and it'll be fantastic...despite this song.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

LISTEN // Smith Westerns - Varsity

The wait is nearly over Smith Westerns fans. The indie rock band released a new song off their upcoming album Soft Will recently. The new track, which is named Varsity, is a upbeat and almost electronic tune and will be part of the new album, set to be out on June 11 to Mom + Pop. Check the single out below and tell me what you think, I really dig it and am excited to hear the rest of the album.

Varsity - Smith Westerns

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

LISTEN // Wavves - Demon to Lean On

Forgot to show you guys this when it originally came out. This is a new song from beach punk band Wavves and will be on their upcoming LP Afraid of Heights out March 26. For the most part I liked their last album King of the Beach but I wished at times that it wasn't so rough around the edges. This new track from them sounds really refined and put-together and I am excited to hear what Afraid of Heights will sound like! What about you?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ALBUM REVIEW // Songs for Imaginative People by Darwin Deez

Songs for Imaginative People, the second full-length album from New York based musician Darwin Deez, is like a bottle of wine; it gets better and better with time or in this case play-throughs. It is an album that to some might be a little rough at first but instantly begins to grow on you if given the chance.

Definitely one of the most playful and, as the album suggests, imaginative albums I have heard in recent years. Every single song is creative in it's lyrics and for the most part this a very well done album. Some parts I wished were different but there was nothing that I really hated. It has a rocky start with songs like Moonlit and No Love but the rest of this album is great fun, especially the second half.

You are thrown right into the action with the opening track (800) HUMAN. It's almost as if Darwin is trying to sell you on his new album, something I have never experienced from the actual artist. Usually it's a reviewer (like me) or your friends that try to persuade you into either buying or not buying an album. Now granted the song isn't actually about you buying his new album but it still feels like it's been designed this way. (800) HUMAN is what I was referring to earlier with the wine thing. At first listen I wasn't too pleased at all with side A (songs 1-5). After a couple listens though, this song along with the next one You Can't Be My Girl and the fifth track, Good to Lose started to really grow on me. But the album really shines on the second half especially with songs like Alice, Redshift, and my favorite track Chelsea's Hotel. These tracks really show how Darwin Deez is progressing as a band since their last release. I just wish the first half sounded more like these. Listen to the album below and tell me what you think!

(800) HUMAN - Darwin Deez

Redshift - Darwin Deez

Chelsea's Hotel