Thursday, March 13, 2014

LISTEN // Hear a teaser of Neil Jarvis' new album

Well, we may still have a ways to go before the warm rays and relaxing days of summer arrive, but with Neil Jarvis' new teaser for his forthcoming album, we can at least pretend it's here already. "Halloween Summer" is the newest track out from Manchester England based band, Neil Jarvis, and is the title track off their upcoming album by the same name, out this May via On the Grind

This will be the band's second album, who draw influences from bands such as Real Estate, Pavement, Silver Jews and others. I briefly talked with Jarvis about the album, and the band in general, and you can read his response below. Don't forget to look for Halloween Summer this May, and while you're at it listen/purchase the band's last album Weekends here!

Neil Jarvis on influences, Halloween Summer, and the band:
"My main inspiration is bands like Neil Young, Pavement, The Feelies, Real Estate, Sun Araw. We played a gig last year with Bob Nastanovich from Pavement who joined us on stage for a song - (we asked him if he would), and that was highlight, i'm a big fan of Pavement and Silver Jews, and they are big influences... 
...This album is much more the sound of a band playing together, unlike the first album 'Weekends' which was myself getting my friends in to play on songs. I got a permanent band together last year and it's definitely added something extra to it. There's more conventional pop songs on this album and less of the ambient experimental stuff, but it still has some [experimentation] in the sound."


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