Friday, October 12, 2012

Album Review: Shut Down the Streets by A.C. Newman

Earlier this week A.C. Newman released his newest album, entitled Shut Down the Streets, to the public. This is the band's third album to be released since their debut album, entitled The Slow Wonder, back in the summer of 2004.

Stops to reminisce about 2004... Ahh the good old days. Back when my life was just as boring and uneventful as it is now...memories...

Shut Down the Streets is a nice break from all the chillwave, dream-pop, and psychedelic rock music I listen to and if you're like me and you don't normally listen to "folky" singer-songwriter music then it probably will be for you too. The album definitely has a folk sound to it but it is also almost sounds like this nice folk sound is getting mixed with an electronic sound in some parts. Luckily, Carl Newman does this superbly and it sounds great but it is an interesting thing to hear mixed together.

A good example of this is "Do Your Own Time" and also the first song, "I'm Not Talking". These songs actually ended up being two of my favorites off the album. "Do Your Own Time" is an especially good song. I love the chorus in it and think the constant transitions into new and different sounds in this one song is done perfectly. It's risky to be incorporating so many different sounds into one song but Newman definitely shows his talent and experience in both song composition and album organization in this newest album.

The organization of the songs in any album is crucial. No one wants people to get bored when listening to their album and if you don't mix up the songs and break up the upbeat and slow songs this could happen. Although this wouldn't necessarily make a bad album it just would have the potential to bore people after a while like me! Luckily A.C. Newman does a good job breaking up these and not once was I waiting for a song to end due to boredom.

Make sure you buy this album the next time you're shopping for new music. You wont regret it!

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