Sunday, February 16, 2014

NEWS // The Drums to release new album.

"celebrating the only way we know how. Album 3 is finished" 
That was the word (and photo) from surf-rock group The Drums this afternoon on Facebook. Their new album finished and hopefully on the way relatively soon for us listeners and fans.

It's been a good 3 years since their last release (if you don't count a single they released in 2012 where only the B Side was a new song) and I'm definitely ready for some new drums. It is a long time to wait though, so if you need a refresher on The Drums, below you can listen to my top 5 favorite songs from them. Happy Sunday! (or whatever day it is that you're reading this!)

The Top 5 Best Songs from the Drums
5.  Saddest Summer Ever (from their 2009 release, Summertime!)
4.  Best Friend (from their 2010 release, The Drums)

3.  Me and the Moon (from their 2010 release, The Drums)

2.  In the Cold (from their 2011 release, Portamento)
1.  How It Ended (from their 2011 release, Portamento)


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