Wednesday, May 21, 2014

LISTEN // "How to Walk Through the Fire" by If Anything Happens to the Cat

If Anything Happens to the Cat are back with a new song! Their new track, entitled "How to Walk Through the Fire" is the opening track off their upcoming album, Sun Drunk Moon, due out hopefully sometime this October. The band recently lost their drummer Mikel to his first love, psychedelic punk rock, and he is now part of a group called Mind Rays, so this has no doubtedly delayed the release of the album, but they have said on Facebook that it should be here this October.

"How to Walk Through the Fire" is a great and interesting new track from the band. While still, post-rock for the most part, it definitely leans more toward the rock side of things, especially around the 2 minute mark. Highly reminiscent of the super awesome track from 28 Days Later, "In the House, In a Heartbeat" by John Murphy, this is for sure one song you have to check out!


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