Friday, May 9, 2014

WATCH // U Got All I'm Looking 4 by Summer Heart.

Well, the semester is over and all is calm again. Some really cool things have been happening around here, like me not failing out of school! That's always nice. Also, I have recently been elected to Music Director of WMLU, the university radio station. As music director I will be in charge of bringing some really great and unique talent to our biannual music festivals. If you live in Virginia, USA, check it out! One such talent I would love to have if he didn't live all the way in Sweden, is Summer Heart.

Below you can see the new music video for Summer Heart's new single, "U Got All I'm Looking 4". It's by the always great Jonas Börjesson, and is an auto-tuned, electro-pop jam perfect for your summer playlist. Now, I know some people will be turned off to the whole, "auto-tuned" thing, (thanks crappy rap singers for ruining that for the rest of us), but trust me when I say that it totally works. Check it out for yourself and follow Summer Heart on Facebook!


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