Friday, February 8, 2013

SINGLE REVIEW // Hit Me Up Again by Summer Heart

It's Friday and you're surfing the web for some good chillwave to tide you over until MillionYoung releases Variable on Tuesday. While searching you stumble across a band called Summer Heart. Cool name and nice artwork, but is the music good? This genre of music isn't for everyone and takes skill. You don't just wake up one morning and make chillwave. Well, I guess you could, but the quality of said music would be questionable.

Hit Me Up Again is the newest release from Summer Heart and features two songs, the self titled track Hit Me Up Again and one other track titled Stockholm. This is a must buy for anyone who loves or even likes chillwave. In fact, remember that friend that you wanted to show some chillwave to? Well forget showing them that old Washed Out album, this is where it's at. Both Hit Me Up Again and Stockholm deliver and are well worth their price. Stockholm, a more classic chillwave track, has to be my favorite of the two though. The beat, the lyrics, all the layering, it reminds me why I listen to electronic music. What do you think?


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